The Association

Natural gas, electricity and district heat, water and wastewater: BDEW represents 1,800 companies

Members of all sizes and forms of organization / The sectors are the largest investors in the German industry

The 1,800 companies represented by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft - BDEW), Berlin, differ widely in terms of their sizes and forms of organization. The spectrum of the Association’s members ranges from local and municipal utilities to regional and inter-regional suppliers. This large variety in the German energy and water market as well as in terms of drinking water supply and wastewater disposal is unique within the European Union.

BDEW was founded in autumn 2007 to combine the competencies of five different associations. BDEW is the main point of contact on all issues relating to natural gas, electricity, district heat as well as water and wastewater. The energy industry has thus combined its forces and is developing concepts which comprise all energy sources. The water industry with its own regulatory framework takes advantage of the synergies offered by a large association.

The common keynote „Energy. Water. Life“ defines both the Association’s sphere of activity and its objectives: The Association’s members contribute with their products and services to safeguarding people’s quality of life today and in future. BDEW supports sustainable energy and water supply as well as wastewater disposal.

The members of BDEW are the largest investors in the German industry: In 2009, the energy and water industry spent more than 20 billion Euros on the extension and modernization of infrastructures. With approximately 277,000 employees, the sectors, ranking eighth among 29 branches of industry in Germany, are holding a top-level position. The companies of the energy and water industry supply electricity and water to almost all 40 million households in Germany. Furthermore, about 20 million German households are supplied with natural gas and five million with district heat.




To live up to its tasks, BDEW has established committees charged to develop sector-specific positions. The BDEW committees constitute the core of the Association’s work. The different member companies of BDEW send special employees to the Association’s committees. The different supply categories (size classes), sectors and value creation levels of the member companies are adequately represented within the committees.

In cooperation with the head office, the experts of these member companies elaborate position statements, guidelines, recommendations and instructions on issues which are of concern to the companies of the respective sector. Likewise, all committees are charged with the task to provide expert advice to the Executive Board, the Board of Directors and the Management Board of BDEW.