General Assembly

The ordinary General Assembly is held every two years. The member companies meet within this supreme body to take decisions on all important issues relevant to the Association.

The General Assembly

  • approves the Association’s budget for every financial year,
  • grants discharge to the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and the Management Board,
  • approves the year-end financial statements,
  • elects the auditors and
  • elects the Board of Directors.

Member companies have online access to the documents, minutes and information about the General Assembly’s meetings.

BDEW’s regional organizations on the level of the German Länder carry out local General Assemblies. Information about the General Assemblies of the regional organizations are available on the German BDEW-Website under "Der Verband" and "Landesorganisationen" or on the homepage of the regional organizations responsible for the respective companies.

Contact person for issues on the BDEW General Assembly is